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Escape room owners occasionally ask us why our price is so low.  Typically they’ve been paying hundreds of Euros per year for their current solution. When they compare features, Houdini MC does almost everything they need and sometimes, the provided features trigger fresh ideas to boost their business. Thus, it leaves them wondering if this is too good to be true or if they’re missing something. The answer is simple. You are not missing anything. Download and try our software and you will immediately love it. Houdini MC is here to help your business to save money and increase the productivity and the effectiveness of your game-masters. We are Escape Room Enthusiasts, and we want to help the community. Give us a chance to prove it!

Can I upgrade my purchased pack to a higher one? Sure! You can upgrade to a higher pack and will only need to pay the difference.

How many licenses do i need? This depends on how many rooms you control simultaneously. For example, if your company consists of 6 rooms, but only 2 operate in parallel, then you need only two licenses.

 Important Notice: Existing customers can purchase additional licenses or update to a higher pact at a discounted rate (99.00 Euros for a single license and 399.00 Euros for location license)

Per Licence

  • 1 Lifetime License
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Free Training

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    Most Popular

    Per Location

    • 5 Lifetime Licenses
    • Lifetime Updates
    • Free Training

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      • 10 Lifetime Licenses
      • Lifetime Updates
      • Free Training
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        After placing your order, please send us your computer ID to issue the serial number.

        For more details you may also contact our regional authorized re-sellers:

        United States Puzzle Props, Spain Enigmik

        If you are an escape room design or builder company, please contact us to obtain licenses at a discounted rate. Moreover, contact us to establish compatibility between your mechanisms/props/locks and Houdini MC.

        Additionally, if you are a registered non-profit organization can contact us to obtain a free license.

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