Houdini gives you the ability to execute multiple webrequests during the initialization of the game. GO on scheduled events and click on “Initialization Events”. The new form gives you the ability to call unlimited webrequests during the initialization of the game.

To set these requests please use the Automations menu. Please remember to use a unique name to describe each request.


Q: When I reset a room, can I change the color of a HUE light or send a command to a Raspberry?

A. Of course!!! Everything is possible using Houdini MC!!!

Follow this tutorial and replace the “End Game” event with a custom on (e.g. a combo event). Similarly to the given tutorial, create a new incoming smart event and assign the desirable actions. Use a custom term to describe the newly generated event. Then go on Automation menu and create a new webrequest to call the event. Don’t forget to save the webrequest!!! Now, return to to “Initialization Events” menu, and use the drop down menu to call this actions.