Unique software for Escape Rooms

Setting up a control room is one of the hardest tasks of the escape room business. Houdini MC is a complete escape room management software that allows game masters to monitor, communicate and interact with their players.  Send clues, display countdown timer, orchestrate the soundtrack, trigger ANY of the digital props within the room, control the lights, connect physical buttons, interact with QR Codes, display scoreboards on your lobby, and much more, using one software. Houdini MC is an extremely reliable multilingual offline solution. Our main goal is to offer you high-quality software that fully meets both, escape-room industry standards and your needs. Every and any license you purchase is a pay-once lifetime license. This means that if you are a registered Houdini MC user you will get all further versions and updates free of charge.

No monthly fees! You Pay once and you own the license.


Intuitive user interface

Houdini MC is not another “Timer with clues” software. It is a sophisticated suite that will save your business money and increase the productivity and the effectiveness of your game-masters. Timed-Events, the ability to trigger in-room props, and the capability to perform actions when an in-room prop is triggered are only a few of the available features.

Houdini Master Control software supports well-formatted text (HTML), image, audio, and video clues. The user interface requires minimal training and support. Easy to install and easy to use.

Moreover, Houdini MC gives you the ability to remotely monitor and interact with your rooms, using any mobile phone or tablet. Remotely start and end the game using any mobile device!! No extra equipment is needed – No programming skills – No extra charge!!!


Centralized Room Editor

“Room Editor” allows game-masters and owners to easily organize escape room parameters in a centralized manner. Incorporate in one file the room details (such as available time, number of clues, number of puzzles, and brief description) together with the required sound files. Use one PC to design all the rooms and transmit the files to your game masters.

Moreover, the room editor supports the organization of the clues in different languages.

Additionally, the one-click backup utility makes it simple to protect your important work. Save everything in one file: Room Parameters, Theme, Sounds, Scheduled Events, Scoreboard, Automation Settings, and More!!!


Fully Customizable

The in-room screen is fully customizable through the settings menu. Change colors, font family, background images and videos, icons, as well the number and the type of the displayed blocks. Always keep in mind that the customization procedure requires minimal training and support. Use your imagination and make your in-room screen part of the atmosphere.

Game Master has also the ability to create a fully customizable leader-board for each room, accessible from any device connected to the same network. Use this feature to display game statistics in your lobby.

Enhance the atmosphere of your room by visualizing the remaining available time using alternative ways such as percentage representations, analog clocks, and animation effects!

Why Houdini MC?

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This can be your next in-room screen

Fully customizable in-room screen. Custom background (images or videos), custom fonts, sound effects, text effects, custom messages etc.. Moreover, replace the “traditional” clock visualization with new and original representations such as analog clocks, master-chef like timers, seconds only and percentage projections.

Organize your room parameters (clues – in several languages, sounds, room details, etc.) in one portable file. Use a single PC to design all the rooms and transmit the files to your game masters.

Remotely start end and monitor the game, send custom alert tones, rich formatted text, image, audio, and video clues, as well as your own voice in real-time.

Orchestrate the soundtrack of the room. Houdini MC provides multiple sound channels to transmit simultaneously the main theme of the room together with additional sounds and alert tones.

Monitor simultaneously and in real-time unlimited in-room cameras (CCTV). No third-party software is required. Moreover, use the existing CCTV system to recognize QR codes! Make QR codes part of the game.

Create a fully customizable leaderboard for each room, accessible from any device connected to the same network. Use this feature to display game statistics in your lobby. 

No internet connection is required. Not even for the connection establishment! Moreover, Houdini MC provides several wireless connection abilities. Forget wiring. Transmit wireless the in-room screen, the remaining time, the soundtrack of the room, and much more in real-time.

 Connect micro-controllers such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino with Houdini MC. Remotely control smart mechanisms and high voltage devices (such as smoke/fog machines, Hue lights, etc.) and perform actions when an in-room prop is triggered. 

Houdini master control software reads “loud and clear” the available clues. Natural voices, smooth transition.

Display video or play audio intros, execute scheduled timed-based events, manage smart-endings, and much more…