Download and Evaluate Houdini MC

No matter how big is your Escape Room, there’s something new for you in the latest release of Houdini MC.

Houdini MC is an ongoing project. Frequently, we release a fresh version considering our customer’s suggestions and requirements. We’re constantly listening to our customers’ feedback, wrestling with how to implement specific ideas, and prioritizing what will help escape room owners the most.

Instructions on how to install Houdini MC

Step 1: Click on the “Download the latest stable version” button below to download the file.

Step 2: Then extract the contained files to a directory. Please make sure that the size of the downloaded file is 126,093,922 bytes. If you don’t know how to extract files, kindly refer to this tutorial.

Step 3: Double Click on HoudiniInstaller.exe.

Step 4: Select “Clean Install” and press “Next”.

Step 5: Wait for a few moments and click on “Launch Application“. Windows will ask you TWICE to access the file’s execution during the first execution. The first prompt is about the IIS Express Server, and the second one is about Houdini MC. Click and uncheck the  “Always ask before operating this file” and click on “Run“.

I just want a stable solution. I don’t need all these new features 🙁

“I want it all! All the features!
All the work!” And I want them now. I can’t wait for an official release.

[or download an older version]

Trial Version is Fully Functional for Unlimited 45 Minutes Sessions. There is no obligation, no registration fee and no upfront payment required.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 8, 10, 11 – Important note: If you are using N and KN versions of Windows 10 please download and install the “Media Feature Pack
  • Google Chrome
  • .Net 4.51 Framework
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
  • Hard disk space: 300 MB
  • Display: 1024X768
  • Ports: HDMI port (recommended) / VGA / DVI /  Chromecast / Local Network

Currently supported languages:

Houdini MC is totally driven by YOUR requests

Change Log:

[Latest Beta] – 30/08/2022

  1. Steps to escape – Create a list of the game tasks so as to help your game-masters better monitor the progress of the game. You can use this list to track the completed tasks or even the used clues. Use the room editor to add these steps and the main console to monitor them. Please check the updated Room-Editor tutorial for more details.
  2. Custom Actions: Significantly improved performance on custom actions. Check the updated Custom-Actions tutorial for more details.
  3. Houdini MC gives you the ability to automatically load the in-room screen in the same location. Use the Settings->General Settings menu and click on the “Remember the in-room Screen Location”
  4. Inform your players that a clue is on the way – An old feature returns in an enhanced version.
  5. Video clues preview error fixes
  6. Several other minor bugs were fixed.

[1.841B Beta] – 10/08/2021

  1. [Important Note]
    Starting from this version, the Houdini MC software will no longer support the wPi numbering scheme. The new versions of the software will only adopt the GPIO numbering of the Raspberry Pi pins. If your escape room uses Raspberry Pi to interact with devices, please make sure that both, on Automations and Scheduled Events menus, you have updated appropriately the numbering scheme. Our team is here to help you update the pin numbering!
  2. Several Bug Fixes
  3. Ability to separate the custom action on four custom labeled tabs

[1.717B Beta] – 28/08/2020

  1. We know that you love the “custom actions” ability. You use custom actions to control smart devices, dim the lights, and even for sending clues. But we understand that the customs actions menu is small Α a new separate panel, dedicated to custom actions is now available. Go on the shortcuts menu, custom actions, and open this new panel to control your custom actions. Check the “Custom Actions” Tutorial for more details.
  2. New “Clue’s Actions”: Every time you send a clue, you have the ability to change the HUE lights and/or to send a webrequest – Cool! 😎 (kindly refer to the FAQ page and check questions 70 and 71)
  3. Head to Head – Duel Mode. One instance of Houdini, multiple identical rooms. Go on “Settings->Multiple Screens” to enable this option. All the in-room screens share the same theme, the same countdown timer, the same soundtrack, and the same scheduled events, but different clues.
  4. Ability to sort clues on room editor (finally 😉)
  5. A new type of scheduled event. Ability to change the main theme on a given timestamp or after a specific action (incoming webrequest)
  6. Significantly improved log files for combo events

[1.562] – 24/06/2019

  1. Screen Actions: Use the Shortcuts menu to fade out the in-room screen, hide the content of the screen, etc.
  2. Ability to lock the settings, room editor, and scheduled events menus (Check our FAQ page – Question 67)
  3. Ability to sort the clues on room editor
  4. Ability to sort image, video, and audio clues
  5. Change the background of the in-room screen while a game is active
  6. Clue Actions: Activate a HUE Animation every time you send a clue
  7. Monitor your game masters: Automatically upload on your own server a log file to track the sessions

[1.46] – 28/12/2018

  1. After completing a session, click the countdown timer to toggle between the remaining and elapsed time.
  2. Mobile Smart menu is now accessible on multiple sessions mode
  3. Several performance improvements

[1.44] – 16/10/2018

  1. Several performance improvements

[1.42] – 24/09/2018

  1. New shortcut. Hit  CRTL + SHIFT + S to start or stop a game
  2. Video “Scale Down” Bug Fixed
  3. Export “Custom Actions” Bug Fixed
  4. “Remote Start” Bug Fixed
  5. New Text Clue’s Animations
  6. Several performance improvements

[1.315] – 14/09/2018

  1. Ability to create custom Quick Actions [Tutorial]
  2. Select a text clue and press the middle click to immediately post it (we have received tons of requests for this feature!).
  3. Mute alert tone – silent clues. Go on <Settings-Alert Tones> and select “none” as an alert tone.
  4. Improved clue’s console (several improvements)
  5. Ability to split a text clue into several lines using on room editor the term $newline$
  6. Houdini FINALLY remembers both its location and its size
  7. “Send Serial port commands” bug fixed
  8. Video clues’ bug fixed
  9. Default Language bug fixed
  10. The game master can manually set the time until Houdini auto resets after a game. Go on <Settings-> General Settings> and set the time.
  11. When resuming a game after pausing it, an appropriate message appears
  12. Ability to select custom (or no) sound to inform your players about pause/resume. Go on <Settings-Alert Tones> and set the tone
  13. Ability to rename Pi and HUE bridges (we have received tons of requests for this feature!).
  14. Automations and scheduled events menus load faster

[1.311] – 26/07/2018 –

  1. Ability to completely hide the header bar – Hide the remaining time from the players
  2. Clue’s console remembers your preferences.
  3. Ability to sort the teams on the scoreboard based on a custom score
  4. New improved log manager – Retrieve information based on date, game master, and room
  5. sWaiver is now available!!! sWaiver provides a hassle-free and uncomplicated way to incorporate a waiver system into your workflow. The current release offers the following features:
    1. a. Different waiver forms template
    2. b. Synchronization between multiple devices
    3. c. Offline Capability
    4. d. Secure Backup Service
  6. For Houdini purchased users, we offer the first 12 months of Professional Plan Free (or 50% off for the Business Plan).
  7. Several bugs fixed

[1.300] – 03/02/2018

  • Ability to create different game master accounts
  • Monitor statistics such as the success rate, number of given clues, etc for your game masters
  • Generate essential daily logs
  • The Spanish language was added  (Very special thanks to the Paradox Room)
  • Several other improvements

[1.278] – 31/12/2017

  • Ability to add extra clues during the game
  • Import theme bug fixed
  • Several performance improvements

[1.277] – 16/12/2017

  • Enhance the “take a picture after the game” photo. Houdini allows the game master to display the remaining time and success or fail message on a tablet, using a custom, related to the room theme. Of course, the players can take pictures holding their hands on this device.
  • Create animated HUE scenes. Houdini allows a gamemaster to create a sequence of scenes (by defining not only the order but also the duration for each scene). Use your imagination and design your own animated scene to represent thunders, storms, or even Christmas atmosphere. Use Automations->Hue Scenes menu to create the animated scenes.
  • Use Animated Scenes either as timed or incoming events
  • Use Animated Scenes as part of a combo event
  • Use to shortcut menu to access the Animated HUE scenes
  • More keyboard shortcuts for HUE scenes. Game masters now can assign 12 HUE scenes to keyboard shortcuts
  • A new way to display the remaining time: Using a fuel needle!!!!
  • New Theme
  • Pause the game bug fixed

[1.271] – 03/11/2017

  • Major Update – New online/offline waiver system (Beta version).
  • Use keyboard shortcuts on shoutbox (such as Ctrl+a, Ctrl+b etc)
  • Select and add multiple clues from the list (using the Ctrl key)
  • Ability to execute simultaneously more than 3 instances per PC

[1.267] – 15/08/2017

  • Ability to control more than one room from the same PC
  • Hide Countdown timer when display clues bug fixed
  • Sync Raspberry Pi timers shortcut added
  • CCTV panel improvements
  • Warning: This version does not support USB cameras anymore

[1.265] – 21/07/2017

  • Compatibility with HUE scenes
    • Ability to control HUE scenes through Automations Menu
    • Ability to control HUE scenes through Shortcuts Menu
    • Ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to activate Hue Scenes
    • Use Timed-Events to interact with HUE scenes
    • Use Incoming Smart events to interact with HUE scenes
  • Improved HUE lamps support
  • New CCTV panel
  • Use keyboard shortcut [ CTRL+ENTER ] to post the clues
  • New Theme
  • The main theme crash bug fixed
  • New scoreboard abilities
    • Replace the remaining time with the elapsed time
  • New analog clock theme
    • Reversed MasterChef
  • Several other bugs fixed

[1.258] – 22/06/2017

  • No more “False Positive” alarms from your Antivirus software  🙂

[1.255] – 09/06/2017

[1.253] – 31/05/2017 – Mega Update

  • Houdini MC introduces the Mobile Smart Menu (MSM). Go on Settings->Connections and enable this new option. This tutorial explains to you how it works! Use your mobile phone or tablet to remotely:
    • Activate the game
    • End game: Success
    • End Game: Fail
    • Reset Room
    • Monitor the in-room screen
    • Test the “Give me a clue” and “Panic” physical buttons
  • Houdini MC automatically re-synchronizes the countdown timer in all-new in-room instances.
  • Ability to hide the countdown timer (and the entire header bar) if a game is not active
  • Ability to visualize the remaining available time using alternative ways:
    • Display the remaining time using a second-based representation (see, for example, the new “Nazi” template)
    • Display the remaining time using a 100.00% to 00.00% representation (see, for example, the new “Oxygen” template)
    • Display the remaining time using a 00.00% to 100.00% representation
    • Display the remaining time using a “Before Midnight” representation (see, for example, the new “Midnight” template)
  • 3 new themes – Our Facebook Page demonstrates these themes in action
  • Automations Menu Bug Fixed

[1.251] – 21/05/2017

  • More Countdown Timer Visual Effects. Go on Settings->Customize Theme (1/2)  and select one of the available animation effects.
  • The application loads faster.
  • All the menus also perform faster.
  • Scoreboard Bug Fixed.
  • Several other minor bugs were fixed.

[1.250] – 16/05/2017

  • Countdown Timer Visual Effects. Go on Settings->Customize Theme (1/2)  and select one of the available animations. Visit our Facebook Page to see these animations in action.
  • Ability to preview a theme. Use the settings menu to shape your theme and press the “Preview Theme” to check your preferences.
  • Major Changes on Scoreboard.
    • Ability to sort the results based on the given clues
    • Ability to sort the results based on the HMC score. (This blog post describes in detail the HMC score)
    • Display only the current month’s results
    • Display only the last month’s results
  • Modify the intro videos directly from the shortcuts menu

[1.249] – 07/05/2017

  • Initialization Events – Easy way to reset your smart devices through web requests every time you restart the game. With a simple click, reinitialize all the smart devices. Go on “Scheduled Events”-> “Add Event”, select “Initialization Event” and select one or more than one of the pre-saved web requests.
  • Audio-source bug fixed (sorry for the inconvenience 🙁 )

[1.248] – 29/04/2017

  • New Language – Russian Language (Very special thanks to Questrooms Limassol and Irina Apolonova 😉 )
  • New equalizer – Adjust the volume of the main theme, additional sounds, sound events, microphone, etc. in real-time using a new user-friendly interface.
  • Inform the players that the game master is writing a clue. Sometimes, out of the blue, players ask for a clue. The game master is not ready to give an immediate answer and needs some time to prepare the hint. These few moments feel like ages for the players. Now, Houdini MC gives the ability to the game master to automatically inform the players that a clue is on the way. –  Read More
  • Adjust the size of the additional sounds menu
  • Houdini MC now remembers your volume preferences
  • Save Raspberry PI preset commands
  • The available clues are now sorted alphabetically
  • The available web requests are now sorted alphabetically
  • Houdini MC interacts with Chrome and the second one now remembers your microphone preferences
  • Ability to set a countdown timer before the start – Go on Settings->Customize Theme (2/2)
  • Audio Source Bug Fixed
  • Minor bugs fixed

[1.243] – 31/03/2017

  • New shortcuts menu – Change on the fly the intro video as well as the initial messages.
  • Minor bugs fixed

[1.241] – 07/03/2017

  • Ability to resize the header labels.
  • Organize the web request into categories.
  • Create Raspberry Pi (direct control of the WPis) ending events.
  • Ability to display/hide brief descriptions on the waiting screen.
  • 3 new themes.
  • Minor bugs fixed (ending messages size, camera menu error, etc.)

[1.238] – 21/02/2017

  • Combo Events! After opening a box, Houdini automatically displays a message on the screen, a scary tone sounds in the room, a smoke machine activates and the lights dim. Combine multiple events to be activated at the same time.
  • Audio-Intro: Replace video intros with a simple audio file. Describe the rules and the story of the game using an audio track. Low cost and effective solution.
  • Use a different custom audio theme to sound during the bonus time.
  • Access and control the Raspberry Pi devices through the shortcuts menu
  • Switch on and off and change the color of the Hue lights through the shortcuts menu
  • An easier way to customize the vertical position of the countdown clock
  • WPis bug fixed – Now you can control all the GPIOs (Finally 😉 )
  • Bonus-Time events’ bug fixed
  • Stability Improvements

[1.234-1.236] – 13/02/2017

  • German Language Support.
  • New Shortcuts Menu on “Main Console”. Access the web requests as well as the alert tones with a simple click.
  • Demonstrate both, the sound alerts and the web requests to your players before starting the game.
  • Create custom scheduled timed events for the bonus time. Timed-Events now give you the ability to select if you want to be executed during the regular game period or during the bonus time one.
  • Customize statistics labels
  • Alert tones now sound louder than the main theme.
  • Load custom font bug fixed.
  • Stop the alert tones on the completion of the game – bug fixed.
  • This version supports larger clue sizes.
  • Several other minor bugs were fixed.
  • [1.235] Installer bug fixed
  • [1.236] Edit event bug fixed

[1.232 – 1.233] – 22/01/2017 – Mega Update

  • Remotely Start: Most of the escape room masters usually accompany their customers to the room, to tell the story and inform them about the procedure. Then they should run fast back to their control room to activate the countdown timer. Forget this procedure. Remotely activate the countdown timer directly from your mobile phone 😉
  • This version supports a multilingual user interface. Currently supported languages:
    • English
    • French (Very special thanks to Guillaume Groell and John Doe Game)
    • Greek
  • We are also working on several other languages. The next release will support:
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • German
  • Houdini MC informs the game master that the router assigned a different IP on his/her computer. This feature is crucial mainly because smart mechanisms and physical buttons interact with Houdini using a specific IP.
  • Houdini MC now “remembers” your FTP credentials to help you to immediately update your website with the latest version of the scoreboard.
  • Alert tones are now accessible through keyboard shortcuts. The game master often doesn’t have the time to switch the tab from “Clues” to “Alert Tones”. Use the new feature to instantly interact with your players!
  • New ability: Automatically activate the “Remote Screen Access” every time Houdini MC starts.
  • New customization feature: Change the form of the countdown timer by removing the Hours block. Display the remaining time using only minutes and seconds blocks (MM:SS instead of HH:MM:SS)
  • New Ability: “Enter initials” and “Scoreboard” forms allow the game master to insert comments about the game (e.g. Game master name, Damaged locks, etc)
  • The “Allow extra time” checkbox now remembers your preferences.
  • Scoreboard bug fixed – Please update the script on your website.
  • Several minor bugs were fixed.
  • Remotely end the game bug fixed.

[1.230] – 04/01/2017

  • Create a postcard using CCTV captures. Gift your customers with a postcard displaying them in real action. Forget the “after-the-game” picture.
  • HUE Lamp’s bug fixed

[1.229] – 30/12/2016

  • Several bugs fixed

[1.228] – 22/12/2016

  • After several requests from our customers, we present the “We are watching you!” feature. This feature allows game masters to send screenshots directly to the in-room screen from the CCTV system. “The darkness makes the room very scary. The players can’t see each other. The game master monitors the game using night vision cameras. Suddenly, the in-room screen displays a screenshot of the room…
  • Several bugs fixed
    • Raspberry Pi Relays control bug fixed
    • Video clues bug fixed
  • New template: Display the countdown timer in the middle of the screen

[1.227] – 16/12/2016

  • Houdini MC welcomes the “Camera-Based” Events. Use the embedded CCTV system and recognize in real-time QR Codes. Hide QR Codes in your room. Every time your players show the QR Code to the camera they receive feedback. The following barcodes are supported by a CCTV-based decoder: QR Code, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, ITF, Codabar, MSI, RSS-14, Data Matrix, Aztec, and PDF-417.
  • The game master can create the QR Codes directly from Houdini. Use Settings->QR Code Menu and generate your own QR Codes.
  • New scheduled events: Modify the countdown timer. Ability to add or remove minutes from the timer. Assume that after three failed attempts, Houdini MC automatically “steals” time from the players.
  • Houdini MC automatically pauses the game when the players push the Panic button.
  • Ability to update Houdini MC directly from the application.
  • Several other minor bugs fixed

[1.226] – 10/12/2016

  • Ability to display the countdown timer on LCD and/or 7-Digits Monitor
  • Automations: Send commands to microcontrollers (e.g., Arduino) using the serial port
  • New types of scheduled events
    • End Game – Success: Assume, for example, that the players open a door. Automatically Houdini ends the game and plays a successful video or audio.
    • End Game – Fail
    • Serial Port Commands: Perfect for sending commands to Arduino and/or Arduino-like smart mechanisms.
  • Ability to cancel/skip an upcoming event
  • Ability to automatically abstract minutes from the countdown timer every time you provide a clue
  • Installation Bug: Fixed
  • Import-All Bug: Fixed
  • New modern interface
  • Several other minor bugs fixed

[1.225] – 29/11/2016

  • Set the in-room screen into full-screen mode directly from Houdini MC. Even in cases where the in-room screen is minimized. Automatically toggle between full-screen and window view.
  • in-room screen instances now close when Houdini closes
  • Scoreboard automatically generates a javascript script to include the leaderboard into your own website
  • Settings menu: Better organization of the available options and sub-menus
  • Room editor bug fixed
  • Ending events bug fixed
  • Scoreboard bug fixed
  • Several other minor bugs fixed

[1.223] – 16/11/2016

  • Houdini MC is now able to receive feedback from in-room props. Every time a player unlocks, for example, an electronic or not prob, Houdini awards him/her with a predefined event. To connect in-room devices with Houdini MC, simply use the “Settings-> Connections Tab”. To set the event use the “Scheduled Events” menu. Trigger in-room props and perform actions when the prop is triggered. Houdini MC is capable to interact with any connected on the same network device (Raspberry, Arduino, etc.).  Read More
  • BETA FEATURE: Compatibility with Philips Hue Lights. Dim the lights during the last minutes, change the lighting color (manually or automatically) when a player solves a riddle, and much more. In order to test this feature, even if you don’t have access to a Philips Hue system (i.e. Hue Bridge + Hue Light Bulbs) download the Hue Emulator and create custom timed or triggered events.
  • New installer
  • Several Bugs Fixed

[1.222] – 10/11/2016

  • Houdini MC is finally able to interact with several ‘Give me a Hint’ and ‘Panic’ buttons. Use any connection to the local network device (PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone, Raspberry, Arduino, etc.) to send requests to Houdini.  Now your players are able to request a clue or inform the game master that they want to immediately quit the game. Our team is here to help you design such a button. And once again, forget wiring!!! Read More
  • A one-click backup utility that makes it simple to protect and transfer your work. Export/Import all the room parameters and the selected setup: Room Details, Soundtrack, Theme, Alert-Tones, Timed-Events, Web Requests, etc.
  • Remotely Control Smart and IoT mechanisms using HTTP GET or POST Requests
  • Execute HTTP GET or POST Requests as Timed Events
  • Display Text-Messages to your players using Timed Events
  • Smart Ending Events. Based on the result of the game (success or fail), execute remote scripts on Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or any other IoT device
  • Several Usability improvements
  • Several Bugs Fixed

[1.221] – 03/11/2016

  • Leaderboard – Create a fully customizable leaderboard for each room, accessible from any device connected to the same network. Use this feature to display game statistics in your lobby. The leaderboard is fully accessible from any monitor connected to your local network.
  • Display Text Clues using transition effects
  • In-room preview feature improvements: Preview the in-room screen every 2 seconds, even if the game is not active. Moreover, now you have the ability to switch among the available connected monitors.

[1.220] – 27/10/2016

  • RTSP Video Streams are now supported
  • Preview the in-room screen on the embedded CCTV panel
  • Video Events Interruption Bug Fixed

[1.219] – 20/10/2016

  • Import/Export Custom Themes
  • Import/Export Timed Events
  • Text to Voice Bug Fixed
  • Sudden Crash Restore Feature Bug Fixed
  • No More Size Limitations on Image Clues
  • No More Size Limitations on Video Clues
  • New Enhanced Clues’ Manager
    • Audio Clues are now listed as Buttons
    • Enhanced Image Clues’ Previewer
    • Ability to Send Full-Screen Image Clues
    • Ability to Send Full-Screen Video Clues
    • Text Clues are now Wrapped: Forget Hidden Text and Horizontal Scrollbars
    • Ability to Set a Default Language on Clues
  • New Fonts Added

[1.218] – 14/10/2016

  • Ability to add custom Raspberry Pi Timed-Events
  • Ability to add custom Full-Screen Videos as Timed-Events
  • Ability to edit/modify existing timed events
  • Console informs the game-master about the upcoming Timed-Events
  • Use custom full-screen ending videos (finally 😉 )
  • 3 New Widescreen Themes
  • Several other Bugs Fixed

[1.217] – 24/09/2016

  • New Clue’s Log Manager.
  • Timed events’ Bug Fixed.
  • Raspberry Pi Time Sync. Problem Fixed.
  • Several other Bugs Fixed

[1.216] – 27/08/2016

  • The escape rooms evolve. We understand that 2 CCTV viewers only are not sufficient. This version allows the game masters to monitor an unlimited number of cameras simultaneously.
  • New customizable quick buttons for alert tones.
  • Ability to play additional sounds in a loop.
  • New Alert and Timed Event Tones.
  • Several Bugs Fixed

[1.215] – 08/08/2016

  • New Features: Pause the game! In several cases, it is required to pause the game for some time (in cases of accidents, low batteries, problem or malfunction of a mechanism, etc.) Houdini MC gives you the ability to pause an ongoing game and resume it, without worries about the actual remaining time. The soundtrack remains active, as well as the intercom.

[1.214] – 01/08/2016

  • Sudden Death Recovery Feature: Assume, for example, that a game is in progress, and suddenly, Windows freezes completely. The sudden Death Recovery (SDR) feature allows Houdini MC to automatically restart the game from the point where it had stopped.

[1.213] – 27/07/2016

  • Several Bugs Fixed (We would like to apologize about the Main Sound Theme Issue 🙁 )

[1.212] – 26/07/2016

  • Hide Cameras Panel
  • Improved Stability
  • Audio Clues Bug Fixed
  • Event Logger
  • Improved Installer

[1.210] – 22/07/2016

  • Several Bugs Fixed
  • Send “Do Not Touch” Alert Tones
  • 3 New Themes