What makes Houdini MC so special?

Fully Compatible With Your Needs

Houdini MC supports the following game modes:

  • Casual game: predefined number of clues; players can ask for a clue at any time.
  • Elegant game: predefined number of clues; players can ask for a clue after x minutes.
  • Mystery mode: predefined number of clues, game-master decides when is the appropriate time to provide a clue
  • Undercover mode: unlimited clues, the game master decides when is the appropriate time to provide a clue.
  • Sneaking mode: unlimited clues, game-master decides when is the appropriate time to provide a clue, the countdown timer is not visible while displaying a clue.
  • Custom mode: combine features from all the game modes

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Easy to Use Clues’ Manager

Houdini MC supports well-formatted text, image, audio, and video clues. Change font family, colors, and the appearance of the clues. Additionally, Houdini MC supports combinations of image, audio, and video clues with the text description. It is worth noting that Houdini MC automatically adjusts the dimensions of the media to meet the escape room screen needs. Unlimited customization abilities. Display text clues using transition effects, send video and image clues in full-screen, hide timer when clues are available, clear screen after x seconds, etc.

Moreover, sometimes, out of the blue, players ask for a clue. The game-master is not ready to give an immediate answer and needs some time to prepare the hint. These few moments feel like ages for the players. Houdini MC gives the game master the ability to automatically inform the players that a clue is on the way.

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Organize the Rooms

Room editor allows administrators to well organize their escape room parameters. It incorporates in one file the room details (such as available time, number of clues, number of puzzles, and brief description) together with the required soundtrack files. Moreover, the room editor supports the organization of the clues in different languages.

Use the room editor to view, edit, add or delete text, image, video, and audio clues. Use one PC to design all the rooms and transmit the files to your game masters.

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Integrated Sound Mixer

Houdini MC supports the connection of multiple wired or wireless sound devices simultaneously, providing the ability for the game-master to transmit different audio sources to different sound destinations. 

It is worth noting that Houdini MC allows the transmission of the total of the sounds directly to the in-room monitor by employing either HDMI cable, Chromecast, or just WiFi (local network).

By adopting a wireless approach, one can use the audio output of the in-room monitor to forward the sound to the in-room speakers. In other words, this feature eliminates the requirement of a physical wired connection between the control room and the in-room speakers.

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Unlimited Customization Abilities

The escape room’s in-room screen is fully customizable through the settings menu. To start with, select one of the 30+ available preset themes or design your own. Always keep in mind that the customization procedure requires minimal training and support. Use your imagination and make your in-room screen part of the atmosphere. Houdini MC provides you the ability to:

  • Set your own background using your favorite image and/or video
  • Modify the countdown timer block – select what you want to display
  • Select custom countdown animation
  • Modify/View/Hide the available remaining clues block.
  • Modify/View/Hide the current progress block
  • Customize all labels’ color, text size, and font
  • Customize clues’ text size, color, and font
  • Customize “success” or “out of time” messages, sounds, and videos
  • Display game statistics
  • Hide header bar when displaying clues
  • and much, much more

Use one PC to shape your favorite in-room screen and forward your preferences to your game masters.

Moreover, export and save the shaped theme for backup purposes.

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Live Screen Preview

Houdini MC allows the game-master to monitor in (almost) real-time what the players see on their escape room screen. Preview the in-room screen every 2 seconds, even if the game is inactive. Remotely toggle between full-screen and window mode, refresh the content, and much more. Moreover, now you can switch among the available connected monitors.

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Compatible With Mobile Devices

Using Houdini MC, the game-masters can display text and image clues directly on mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets). This feature enables escape room owners to replace room TVs with low-cost tablets. Moreover, Windows 10 operating system and some Android versions allow you to also transfer video and audio clues as well as the soundtrack of the room! On all the platforms. Google Chrome application is strongly recommended.

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Integrated CCTV Viewer

Houdini MC supports the connection of unlimited IP (RTST) cameras simultaneously. Additionally, the game master can capture screenshots of the escape room during the game. Use one software for all your escape room needs.

[Visit our FAQ section – Question 18 for more details]

Moreover, Use the existing CCTV system to recognize QR Codes! Make QR Codes part of the game.

[Visit our FAQ section – Question 40 for more details]

Score Board

Game-master can use the embedded scoreboard to retrieve information about the played games, the success rate, the average required time, and so on. Additionally, the game-master can display the best team together with the best remaining time for each room on the in-room screen. Moreover, game-masters and owners can automatically upload to their website the game statistics.

Additionally, game-masters can create a fully customizable leaderboard for each room, accessible from any device connected to the same network. Use this feature to display game statistics on your lobby by employing a low-cost tablet or a monitor equipped with Chromecast.

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..and much much more…

Create time-based events.

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Trigger in-room props and automatically perform actions when the prop is triggered. 

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Remotely Start or End the Game.

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Video/Audio intros and outros.

Remotely control Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other microcontroller-based locks and mechanisms (such as smoke/fog machines, lights, etc.).

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Interact with Philips HUE lights. Create HUE animations based on HUE scenes. 

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Several different ways to display the countdown timers

Interact with High-Voltage devices. This solution does not require a line of code!

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Add or remove minutes on the fly.

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Control your smart devices and set “smart” ending events.

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Gift your players with bonus time. Use a different set of timed events and soundtrack for this extra time!  

[Visit our FAQ section – Question 10 for more details]

Connect physical buttons (such as “give me a clue” or “panic” buttons).

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