Frequently Asked Questions

We continuously update this page with new content, so check back here for more helpful tips. Check it out if you’ve got some queries! If it doesn’t cover your questions, please let us know!

Even if you are familiar with Houdini MC features, you’ll probably find some new ideas here 😉

1. How can I get my computer ID?

Please download, install and execute Houdini MC. After executing Houdini MC, a splash screen will display the computer ID. Either press the Copy button or type it down carefully. Send us an email with the ID at and we will issue the serial.

The maximum turnaround time for issuing serial numbers is 12 hours.

2. Can I execute Houdini MC on a Google Chromebook?

Sorry, Houdini MC is compatible with Windows based devices only

3. What are the minimum requirements to run Houdini MC?

  • Windows 8 or 10 – Important note: If you are using N and KN versions of Windows 10 please download and install “Media Feature Pack
  • .Net 4.51 Framework
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
  • Hard disk space: 300 MB
  • Display: 1024X768
  • Google Chrome
  • Ports: VGA or HDMI port or Chromecast or Local Network

4. I've installed Houdini MC, I can see the registration splash window but Houdini MC won't start ;(

It seems that you try to execute Houdini MC on a Windows version without Media Player. To fix this issue:

  • Download and install “Media Feature Pack
  • Restart PC
  • Open the stat menu
  • Open the Control Panel
  • Launch the Programs and Features
  • Click on the “Turn Windows features on or off” in the right side of the window
  • Look for the “Media Features”
  • Expand the “Media Features”
  • And check the “Windows Media Player”
  • Click Ok
  • Restart you computer

5. How can I change the language of the interface?

Go on settings-> General settings, select the language and press “Set”

6. What languages does the software interface support?

Currently supported languages:

  • English
  • Greek
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian

7. Can I store my clues in any language?

Of course!!! Using Room Editor, Houdini MC allows you to organize the available/predefined clues in any language.

8. I was trying to create a new text clue using Room Editor but an unwanted formatting appears each time (white background, strange fonts etc.). How can I remove this formatting ?

We assume that you have copied the text from MS Word  (or any other software) directly to the Room Editor. To remove formatting please paste the clues firstly on a notepad. Then copy again the text from notepad to room editor.

Of course, if you directly use the room editor to write the clues you will not face any formatting issues

9. As a game-master, can I cast the clues on a tablet or on a mobile device?

Houdini MC allows you to cast to any connected on the same network device the text and the image clues by default. Moreover, Windows 10 operating system and some Android versions allows you to also send audio and video clues as well as the soundtrack of the room.

On Windows tablets/phones, by default sound and videos are allowed

For Android tablets/phones please follow this tutorial to change the <Play sounds> permission.

In all the platforms. Google Chrome application is strongly recommended.

10. As a game-master, can I gift the players with bonus time?

Houdini MC allows you to gift your players some extra time, after the completion of the duration of the game. To enable this feature go on Settings->General Settings and select the duration of the extra period.

Using room-editor you can set a different soundtrack for this period. Moreover, using scheduled events you can set custom events for this period.

11. How can I connect the Escape Room TV with Houdini MC?

Please follow the instructions from here.

In case of Chromecast

Minimum Requirements:

  1. A Chromecast
  2. At least one monitor (with an HDMI port)
  3. Internet Connection

Step 1: Set up Chromecast. Just follow the instructions from here

Step 2: Connect your speakers to the TV’s Audio Output. There is no need for wiring from the master control room to the escape room. Houdini MC transmits the main sound theme, additional sounds and more, directly to your TV through Chromecast.

Step 3: Execute Houdini MC. Right click on in-room screen and select <Cast>. Select “Cast this Tab”.

12. How can I monitor what my players see on the in-room TV

Houdini MC provides 3 alternatives:

1. An Escape Room Screen clone is available to the game master, listed in menus as a in-room screen ->”New muted instance”. This option activates a new browser instance in which, the game master monitors the players’ screen.
2. By pressing a single button ( in-room screen -> Capture every 2 seconds), game master can capture in real time a screenshot from Escape Room Screen.
3. Houdini MC implements a proxy server providing the ability to monitor in real time the Escape Room Screen in any portable device (such as mobile phone, tablet, etc).

More details are given here 

13. I'm using one PC to control several rooms (one at each session). How can I automatically load the new room parameters each time?

Houdini MC allows you to store in a single file all the room parameters such as

  • Clues (text, images, video, audio)
  • Theme
  • Soundtrack
  • Automations
  • Scoreboard
  • Hue Lights, animations and scenes
  • etc

Simply go on settings-> general settings ans select Export All. This will generate a single file with all the room parameters. Save this file on a safe location. Repeat this procedure for all rooms.

Every time you want to load this file so as to operate the specific room, simply go on settings-> general settings and select Import All. 

14. What is the difference between clues and sub-clues?

Houdini MC allows game-masters to provide a predefined number of clues. One can define this number by using either the  “Room Editor” or  by directly modifying the value next the to “Number of available clues” label (click on “[change]” label, enter the preferable number and press “Enter” key see Arrow 1).  Moreover, the game-master can add additional clues on the fly during the game by pressing the “+” button (kindly refer to green arrow).

Every time you press the Post Clue (see arrow 2) button, this number of clues is decreased by one. Te remaining clues are listed on the top of the shout-box.

Alternatively, game master can post the clue with out decreasing the number of the remaining clues, by pressing the Post Sub-Clue button (see arrow 3)

To send a clue or a sub clue without an alert tone, click and check the Mute checkbox (see red arrow)

15. How can I display the in-room screen in full size?

Click on the in-room screen window and press the F11 key on you keyboard.

16. Can I use a different browser?

Houdini’s Escape Room Screen is fully compatible with HTML5 ready browsers, but we suggest you to take the advantages of Chrome browser.

17 .Every time I transmit a video, I get a black screen, I can only get the audio part of the video ;(

To be fully compatible with HTML5 video tag, video streams must have a constant bit-rate.  If you are facing a “black screen” issue, recode your videos using a constant bit rate. Use the following on-line converter (for free) to re-encode the video –

If after converting the video, you still face the same issue, please follow the instructions given in this video to disable the hardware acceleration on Chrome

18. How can I connect and control my camera?

Houdini MC supports IP (RTSP) cameras only. Moreover, embedded CCTV system provides only the ability to monitor the video content (not the audio) of the cameras. Unfortunately, we use a third party library to monitor the cameras and we do not have the ability to extend the provided functions. If your cameras are not 100% compatible with Houdini MC, then you can use alternate solution to monitor the cameras ( such as the official software of the cameras or a freeware solution).

Of course, the embedded CCTV platform is useful in case you want to incorporate QR codes’ based puzzles. In order to add your camera’s stream to Houdini MC you need determine RTSP URL. In general, each camera uses a different RTSP URL. iSpy  software can help you locate the RTSP URL for your camera.

19. How many licenses do I need?

Licenses are per PC. So you need one license for each PC. You can either use one PC per room, or use one PC to control several rooms. These several rooms can operate in parallel or not. All reported cases are illustrated in the following image and require only one license. It is worth noting that we strongly recommend our customers, based on our experience, to use one PC per room.

For example,

  • Scenario 1: Your company consists of 6 rooms and 6 PCs. All the rooms may operate in parallel (controlled by a different PC). Then you need six licenses.
  • Scenario 2: Your company consists of 6 rooms and 1 PCs. You use the same PC to control all the rooms but at each time, only one room operates. Then you need one license.
  • Scenario 3: Your company consists of 6 rooms and 1 PCs. You use the same PC to control all the rooms and all the rooms operate in parallel. Then you need one license.
  • Scenario 4: Your company consists of 6 rooms and 2 PCs. You use 2 PCs to operate all the rooms in parallel. Then you need two licenses.
  • Scenario 5: Your company consists of 6 rooms and 2 PCs. You use the same PC to control all the rooms and all the rooms operate in parallel. But you also have a backup PC. Then you need two licenses.

To conclude, a license of Houdini MC allows you to install it on a single PC and:

  • Control one room (Recommended)
  • Control a different room each time (Recommended)
  • Control several rooms at the same time [Read How]

20. Can I upgrade my purchased pack to a higher one?

 Sure! You can upgrade to a higher pack and will only need to pay the difference.

21. I bought 3 licences but at the moment I only need one. Can I contact you later when I need the other licenses?

 Sure! Just send us an email with the Paypal transaction ID and we will issue the rest of the serials when you are ready.

22. How can I execute Houdini MC without internet connection?

Who said that internet connection is needed? After installing Houdini MC, an internet connection is required only for ongoing occasional license checks and software upgrades and updates. 🙂

23. We transmit the in-room screen to a Raspberry Pi, but the countdown timers are not synchronized 🙁

To synchronize the timers, go on Shortcuts tab-> Raspberry Pi, select the appropriate device, connect and click on the “Clock” icon.

26. We need help cleaning any pre-programmed audio and video timed-events!

Simply go on scheduled events and delete all the preset events 😉

27. Houdini MC is no longer available on my PC! The installation folder exists but the executable file is not there!

Your antivirus deleted an important file thinking it was defective/suspicious. This is definitely a false alarm. Houdini MC is 100% clean of spyware and viruses and the vast majority of well-known antivirus systems marked Houdini MC as a totally safe to install product. Please check the VirusTotal report. To solve this issue add Houdini MC as an exception on your antivirus settings.

28. I was just wondering if it is possible to make a video clue full screen rather than just being a square in the middle of the screen?

This solution works for versions >1.314
1. Please make sure that the resolution of the video is greater or equal to the resolution of the screen than displays the in-room screen
2. Click on “full screen” checkbox

If you still face the “black frame” around the video issue, go on <Settings->Customize Theme (1/2)> and set the clues’ background as transparent. This will minimize the influence of the frame.

29. There is a requirement to completely hide the countdown on the clue screen such that players should not know the time left. Is this possible?

This solution works for versions >1.311

Sure, go on <Settings->Customize Theme (1/2)> and check the “Hide Header Bar”  checkbox.

30. Does Houdini MC support a game-master having a microphone that the sound can be heard through the in room TV speakers?

Sure, Go on <Microphones> tab and enable the Master Control Microphone (see attached image – section 1)

On the left side of the toggle button, a combo box allows game master to select the connected microphone (see attached image – section 2) while on the right, a combo box allows game master to select the destination (speakers) (see attached image – section 3). Please note that if you choose the “Room’s Screen” option, the voice will be transmitted directly to the TV through the HDMI cable. It is worth noting that this feature is available only in case of HDMI connection. Also, keep in mind that during the first execution, a message will appear on the in-room screen, asking for permission. When prompted, choose Allow.

Every time you “transmit” your voice, an appropriate image is depicted on the in-room screen. To customize this image go on <Settings->Customize Theme (2/2)> and click on “Intercom Image” to change it. If you want to completely remove the image, select a transparent one!

31. Does Houdini MC support the connection of the in-room microphones?

Sure, Houdini MC allows you to connect 2 microphones. To start with, please connect these microphones to the game master PC. If these microphones are accessible through your  operating system, then are also accessible through Houdini MC.

Go on <Microphones> tab and enable the Room Microphones toggle switch (see attached image – section 1)

On the left side of the toggle switch, a combo box shows to the game master the connected microphones (see attached image – section 2) while on the right, a combo box allows game master to direct the input of these microphones to a set of speakers (see attached image – section 3)

32. When time is running and I hit the stop button, it plays a happy song because they are suppose to escape. Where can I find that song setting?

Go on <Settings->Customize Theme (2/2)> and customize the “At the End of the Game” events. From this sub-menu one can select the text to display in case of success or fail and the appropriate audio OR video. Moreover, game-master can set a set of webrequests or Raspberry Pi events for each case.

33. How can I change the <Audio Clue> illustrated image?

Go on <Settings->Customize Theme (2/2)> and click on “Audio Clue Image” to change it. If you want to completely remove the image, select a transparent one!

34. After our games we take photos of our groups. Usually they hold a board displaying their time (which is handwritten). We would like to make this much nicer, using a tablet or monitor displaying a room-specific background and the time of the group. Of course, for the next group which played a different room, it would be good if one could easily switch the room-specific background and the time they achieved. Is it possible to automate this process with Houdini MC?

Houdini MC allows the game master to display the remaining time and a success of fail message on a tablet, using a custom, related to the room theme. Of course, the players can take pictures holding in their hands this device.

To enable this feature go on <Settings->Take a Picture Screen> 

Select Background Image, Success and Fail Messages and the fonts.

Now, go on  <Settings->Connections>  and enable <Remote Access> toggle button.

You can also check and enable the “Automatically enable remote access when application begins

Now, back on  <Settings->Take a Picture Screen>  a text box will display a URL

Use this URL on a connected on the same network tablet and the custom “Take a Picture” page will load!

35. Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts?

  • Hold [SHIFT] key and left click to select all text clues within a range.  Double click to add them on the shoutbox.
  • Hold [CTRL] key and left click to select a text clue. Do it multiple times to select non-consecutive text clues. Double click to add them on the shoutbox.
  • Select one or more than one clues and press [MIDDLE] click to immediate post it/them (when a game is in progress)
  • Press [SHIFT]+[ENTER] to post the clues from the  shoutbox.
  • Press [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[S] to to start or stop a game
  • Press [CTRL]+[1] to send an “Alert Tone” (even is if the game is not active)
  • Press [CTRL]+[2] to send a “Do not Touch” (even is if the game is not active)
  • Use <Settings->Alert Tones> menu to assign alert sounds for [CTRL]+[3-8] keyboard shortcuts
  • Use <Automations->HUE Scenes> menu to assign HUE Scenes for [CTRL]+[F1-F12] keyboard shortcuts

36. Can I turn the background image into animated video as part of a scheduled event

Great idea! Please check this video:

To implement such a feature please follow the next steps:

  1. Please make sure that the video resolution matches the TV screen resolution
  2. Take the first frame of the video as save it as a PNG image
  3. Go on <Settings->Customize Theme (1/2)> and load this image as background image (see attached image – section 1)
  4. Make sure that both, Header Bar’s and Clue’s background color are transparent  (see attached image – sections 2 and 3)
  5. Press <Save>

In case you want to display the video as timed event

  1. Go on <Scheduled Events> and click on <Add Event>
  2. As event type select the option <Time-Event>
  3. Select the minute you want the video to be displayed
  4. Select <Full Screen Video>
  5. Select or Load the video and press <Save>

In case you want to display the video every time your players interact with a prop

  1.  Go on <Settings->Connections> tab. Enable the “Incoming HTTP Requests”.
  2. Go on <Scheduled Events> and click on <Add Event>
  3. As event type select the option <Incoming Event from a Smart Mechanism>
  4. Select a custom term and fill the text-box next to the URL (e.g. “CustomTerm”)
  5. Select <Full Screen Video>
  6. Select or Load the video and press <Save>
  7. Now, every time a connected on the same network device pings this URL when the game is active, the event will be executed!

37. My computer contains only one HDMI port but I use this port for my monitor. How can I connect the in-room TV?

Of course you can use wireless connection for the in-room screen, but since we strongly recommend our customers to use wired solutions, this is the most efficient and low cost solution:

Use a different port to connect your monitor such as the VGA or DVI ports. Then of course, the HDMI port can be used for the in-room screen. In case of multiple in-room screens, you can use an HDMI slitter.

38. How can I select a custom audio output destination for the video clues?

The Chrome browser reproduces the video clues! And unfortunately, the audio part of a video will always be reproduced by the Chrome’s default audio device. Chrome does not allow you to modify its default audio device. But there is a solution (actually we offer you 2 alternatives;) )


Audio router allows to to forward  Chrome’s sounds to a different sound destination. Download and execute the software, locate Chrome and route it’s sounds into the preferable destination. The next video shows the procedure for Spotify, Repeat the procedure for Chrome!

39. Can I hide the countdown timer when a game is not in progress?

Sure, go on <Settings->Customize Theme (1/2)> and check the “Hide Header Bar if game in not active”.

40. Can I use QR codes so as to automate the clues procedure?

Sure, please check this video:


Use the embedded CCTV system and recognize in real time QR Codes. Hide QR Codes in your room. Every time your players show the QR Code to the camera they receive a feedback.

To start with, go on <Settings->QRCode Generator> to produce the QR codes. Type the clue you want to be displayed and press “Generate“. This will produce a file with the QR code. Print this file in a A4 full page.

To enable the QR code detection procedure click on the illustrated on the next image button. Please make sure that the CCTV system is enabled also and your cameras are 100% compatible with Houdini MC.

The following barcodes are supported by CCTV based decoder: QR Code, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, ITF, Codabar, MSI, RSS-14, Data Matrix, Aztec and PDF-417.

41. Can I preview a theme?

Sure, shape your theme based on your preferences and then go on <Settings->Customize Theme (1/2)> and press “Preview Theme”

42. Some of your videos present animation effects on countdown timers. How can I enable these effects on my theme?

Go on  <Settings->Customize Theme (1/2)>  and select on the listed “Countdown Animation” options:

To see some of these effects in action, kindly refer to the following videos:



44. Does your system supports digital waivers?

Of course! sWaiver provides a hassle-free and uncomplicated way to incorporate a waiver system to you work flow. Current release offers the following features:

  • Different waiver forms template
  • Synchronization between multiple devices
  • Offline Capability
  • Secure Backup Service

For Houdini purchased users, sWaiver offers the first 12 months of Professional Plan Free (or 50% off for the Business Plan).

For more details kindly refer to sWaiver website.

45. What is the famous <We are watching you> feature?

This feature allows game masters to send screenshots from the CCTV system directly to the in-room screen. “The darkness makes the room very scary. The players can’t see each other. Game master monitors the game using night vision cameras. Suddenly, the in-room screen displays a screenshot of the room…

  1. Make sure that your cameras are 100% compatible with the embedded CCTV system
  2. Enable cameras
  3. Click on the depicted on the next picture button to send a capture!

46.What media formats does Houdini MC support?

For the clues, Houdini MC supports .mp3 for audio, .mp4 for video and .jpg, .png, .gif format for image clues.

For the in-room screen background,  Houdini MC supports .mp4 for video, .gif for animated images and .jpg, & .png format for static backgrounds.

For intro/outro multimedia files, Houdini MC supports .mp4 for video and .mp3 for audio.

47. We transmit the in-room screen content on a tablet, but how can we prevent unintended operations on the touch screen and buttons while a game is active?

For Android Devices, we suggest our customers to download and install Touch Lock app.

Apple iOS users can enable Kid Mode on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Windows users can simply connect a USB keyboard to disable and re-enable the touch screen!

48. We try to send webrequests to Houdini MC using a micro-controller. The controller is connected on the same network with Houdini MC but the webrequests are not working.

Outgoing and incoming connections can be affected by the presence of firewall or antivirus software on the PC connection. Windows comes with a built-in Internet Firewall that is active by default and blocks suspicious traffic. You can turn off this firewall (not recommended by Microsoft) or configure it to allow connections from and to specific ports.

Outgoing and incoming connections can be affected by the presence of firewall or antivirus software on the PC connection. Windows comes with a built-in Internet Firewall that is active by default and blocks suspicious traffic. You can turn off this firewall (not recommended by Microsoft) or configure it to allow connections from and to specific ports.

To open a port in the Windows firewall:

  1. On the Start menu, click Run, type WF.msc, and then click OK.
  2. In the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, in the left pane, right-click Inbound Rules, and then click New Rule in the action pane.
  3. In the Rule Type dialog box, select Port, and then click Next.
  4. In the Protocol and Ports dialog box, select ANY. Select Specific local ports, and then type the port number of the instance, such as 14997 for the default Remote Access Port (see image below). Click Next.
  5. In the Action dialog box, select Allow the connection, and then click Next.
  6. In the Profile dialog box, select any profiles that describe the computer connection environment when you want to connect and  click Next.
  7. In the Name dialog box, type a name and description for this rule, and then click Finish.
  8. Repeat the procedure and add the Incoming HTTP GET requests Port – Default Value 14999
  9. If you can not read these values, please temporarily disable the <Mobile Smart Menu> toggle switch

50. When I reset a room, can I change the color of a HUE light or send a command to a Raspberry Pi?

Of course. Follow this tutorial and replace the “End Game:Fail” event with a custom one (e.g. a combo event, Hue lights etc.) – the one that contains the actions you want to perform every time you reset the room. Similarly to the given tutorial, create a <New incoming event from a smart mechanism> event and assign the desirable actions. Use a custom term to describe the newly generated event and write down the given URL.

Following the same tutorial, go on <Automations->HTTP Requests> menu and create a new webrequest to ping the event. Use the URL from the scheduled events and press <Save>

Now, return to to <Scheduled Events>, select <Add Event>, then <Initialization Events> menu, and use the drop down menu to select the saved webrequest. [Read More].

51. We accidentally closed the in-room screen while a game is active. Do we have to restart Houdini MC?

Of course not! Go on <in-room screen> tab and click on <New instance of in-room screen>

52. How the <Text Clue to Voice> feature works?

When a game is in progress, write a clue on the shout-box and click on the depicted on the following image button to convert it to voice.

Supported languages:

Houdini’s Text to Speech mechanism depends on Windows Speech Engine. The list of available languages is listed on <Settings-> Text to Speech> page. To add a new language please follow the next steps:

  1. Windows 10 users can install more languages and features by going to:
    Windows Settings > Time & language > Region & language > Add a language
  2. Click on selected language and download the “Language Pack”
  3. Restart your PC
  4. New available languages will be listed on  <Settings-> Text to Speech> tab

53. Is it possible to have scheduled events that only trigger in Bonus-Time?


Sure. You can assign an event to be executed during normal time period, during bonus time period or in both periods. Use <Scheduled events> menu, add new event or edit an existing  one and set your preferences using the <Available During> drop down menu.

54. Houdini MC was working perfectly for months, but suddenly, it doesn't launch?

Go on “C:\<User Account>\AppData\Local\Houdini_MC” and delete all existing files. Please be aware that this procedure will delete some of the stored parameters. But both, rooms and themes are save 😉

55. What Is Beta version?

When there’s a Beta version of Houdini MC you’re really fond of, should you use it? You’re excited to see the new features, but also cautious about potential drawbacks.In general, Beta refers to the phase in software development between the alpha phase and the final (also called stable) phase. Beta software is generally considered “complete” by the developer but still not ready for general use due to a lack of testing. Beta software serves one main purpose: to test performance and identify bugs.

 Allowing beta testers to try out Houdini MC and provide feedback to the developer is a great way for the program to get some real-world experience and to identify how it will work when it’s out of beta.
Our suggestion is to use our Beta version on a completely controlled environment and only if you understand the risks.

56. The counter in the in-room screen starts from 39:00, while the counter on the master console starts from 60:00. There is NO synchronization between the in-room screen and the master console counters, but sounds and clues work perfect. We use HDMI connection.

Right click on the time display at the right bottom of the screen & click on Adjust date/time.

Then go to time zone setting & select your appropriate time zone.

If the time is auto-corrected, its done. If not, either you set your time manually or sync your time with the Internet time server.

57. Is there a way to change the orientation of the in-room screen?

Press CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow and your Windows desktop should turn to portrait mode. You can rotate the screen to landscape or upside-down landscape, by hitting CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow, Right Arrow or Down arrow

58. How text animations work?

Please check this video:


Working with the default setup

This tutorial will help you understand the basics of Houdini MC. Use the default theme together with the default room (called Safecracker) to play around with the software’s settings and

Shaping a Theme

Escape room’s in-room screen is fully customizable through the settings menu. Select and customize one of the 30+ available preset themes or design your own. Always keep in mind that

Using Room Editor

This tutorial briefly describes you in single steps how to store the room parameters. Step 0: Open room editor and click on the "Select and existing or create a new one" combo

Audio output

Houdini MC can (simultaneously or not) manage the following audio output categories: Main theme (This sound starts automatically and continues in loop while the game is active) Additional Sounds (The game

Interacting with your TV (HDMI connections)

First, we strongly recommend our customers to use HDMI connection to display the in-room screen. HDMI is the most robust solution and allows you to transmit using one only wire not

Score Board

Game master can use the embedded scoreboard to retrieve information about the played games, the success rate, the average required time and so on. Additionally, the game master can display in the in-room

Scheduled Events

Houdini MC supports 2 different types of  "Scheduled Events": Timed-Events and "Incoming Events from Smart Mechanisms" Click on " Scheduled Events" menu and then select "Add Event". To add a Timed-Event, simply

Custom Quick Actions

Houdini MC gives you the ability to set a set of quick actions. Press a single button and launch a combo event whenever you need! To start with, go on

How to connect Control and Escape room

This tutorial briefly describes how Houdini MC can connect the Game Master Room with the In-Room Monitor. Please note that all the following solutions support more than one in-room screens.

Mobile Smart Menu (MSM)

Houdini MC gives you the ability to remotely monitor and interact with your rooms, using any mobile phone or tablet. To enable this feature go on <Settings->Connections> and enable the  “Mobile

Interacting with a Controller (e.g. Arduino/Raspberry Pi)

Houdini MC allows you to send are receive instructions to and from micro-controllers using GET or POST requests (hereafter we will refer to these requests as webrequests) Preliminaries: Assume a Raspberry

Interacting with HUE lights/ Scenes/ Animations

Houdini MC gives you the ability to control HUE lights either manually or as part of a timed/smart event. How to connect HUE bridge with Houdini MC First make sure

Interacting with High -Voltage Devices

Using Houdini MC one can directly set HIGH or LOW a specific GPIO pin of a Raspberry Pi and control any High-Voltage device. You can direct control your GPIO from

Connecting Physical Push Buttons With Houdini MC

Connecting a push button with Houdini MC was never easier. You will need only a Raspberry Pi and a push button. To start with, execute Houdini MC and go to "Settings->Connections"

Re-initialize the in-room props

After competing the game, it is important to re-initialize all the in-room smart mechanisms. Houdini MC offers you an easy to implement solution to re-initialize all the mechanisms by pressing

How to Display “Time Manipulation” Buttons

You can display simple time adjustments buttons so as to real-time manipulate the countdown timer. To enable this feature, go on <Settings->General Settings> and check the "Display Time Adjustment Buttons to Manipulate Countdown

Create Custom “End Game” Actions – Failed Action

Q: - Immediate Game Over - Is there a feature for this?  Is there an interrupt / end-game button? Sure, please follow these steps to create a custom ending mechanism Go

Control Multiple Rooms Using One PC

Houdini MC gives you the ability to simultaneously control multiple rooms if you have multiple HDMI outputs (alternatively you can use Chromecast devices or transmit the in-room screen content through WiFi [read

Connecting Arduino with Houdini MC

Connecting Arduino devices with Houdini MC was never easier. Houdini MC interacts with Arduino and Arduino like devices using GET requests. To start with, go on "Scheduled Events" and select "Add

Inform your players that a clue is on the way

Sometimes, out of the blue, players ask for a clue. The game master is not ready to give an immediate answer, and needs some time to prepare the hint. These

Remotely Start the Game

Most of the escape room masters usually accompany their customers to the room, to tell the story and inform about the procedure. Then they should run fast back to their

Broadcast on a Mobile Device

Houdini MC allows you to cast to any connected on the same network device the text and the image clues by default. Moreover, Raspbian, Windows 10 and most Android versions allows you

Interacting with AEI FX350

As the Escape Room industry has evolved, technology has been a key driver in creating higher quality and automated experiences. While Gen 1 games with all locks and keys have