Q: – Immediate Game Over – Is there a feature for this?  Is there an interrupt/end-game button?

Sure, please follow these steps to create a custom ending mechanism

  1. Go on scheduled events and create a new “Incoming Event from a Smart Mechanism”
  2. Select “end game: Fail” and type the word e.g. “CustomEnd”
  3. Write down the given URL (in the depicted case is and Save the event

Then, go on <Automations->HTTP Requests> menu
  1. Create a new HTTP request
  2. Name the request (in the depicted case is “End_The_Game”)
  3. Select GET and write the URL
  4. Press save changes
  5. Finally, go on <Settings->Connections> and enable the incoming requests
During the game
  1. Go on <Shortcuts>
  2. Select <Webrequests>
  3. Select the execute the End_The_Game Request
During the first time, please press the refresh button to read the new requests.