After completing a game session, it is important to re-initialize all the in-room smart mechanisms. Houdini MC offers you an easy to implement a solution to re-initialize all the mechanisms by pressing a simple click.

To start with, on each device, assign a web request to reset its parameters. If you are not familiar with web requests kindly refer to this tutorial.

In the sequel, go on Automations menu and create a new request for each device using a custom term, the term that re-initialize the mechanism. In other words, for each in-room mechanism, create a custom web request the resets the device.

  • Go on <Automations->HTTP Requests> menu
  • Create a new GET or POST request
  • Name the request (in the depicted case is “End_The_Siren”)
  • Press “Save Changes

Repeat this procedure for all the devices.

Now go on <Scheduled Events>

  • Click on <Add Event>
  • Click on <Initialization Events>
  • Click and add all the web request that re-initialize the smart mechanisms.
  • After completing the procedure, press <Save>

Now, every time you want to reset the mechanisms, simply visit the <Shortcuts->Reinit> tab and select <Initialization Events>