Houdini MC gives you the ability to set a set of quick actions. Press a single button and launch a combo event whenever you need it!

To start with, go on <Shortcuts->Custom Actions> and select <Edit>

The new menu allows you to shape custom quick actions. Click <Add Action>

Every action will create a new button on the  <Shortcuts->Custom Actions> section. Select a name for this action (the name will be displayed on the button) as well as the background color of the button. Of course, you have the ability to modify all these selections later.

List of available scheduled events:

  • Play Sound
  • Full-Screen Video
  • Display Text
  • Web request
  • Add/Remove Minutes
  • Control HUE Lights
  • Control HUE Scenes
  • Control HUE  Animations
  • Send Serial Port Commands
  • Raspberry Pi Event – Control High voltage devices
  • End Game: Success
  • End Game: Fail

Use the drop-down menu and assign a new action. Set the action’s parameters and press “Save Action

Close the Custom Actions Form and press <Refresh> to load the new actions. Please note that these actions are accessible only when a game is active.

To change the quick actions buttons’ order, go on <Custom Action> form, select an action and use the arrows buttons to set the desired order.

We know that you love the “custom actions” ability. You use custom actions to control smart devices, dim the lights, and even for sending clues. But we understand that the customs actions menu is small Α new separate panel, dedicated to custom actions is now available. Click on Expand Icon (see image below) to open this panel.