Remotely Start the Game

Most of the escape room masters usually accompany their customers to the room, to tell the story and inform about the procedure. Then they should run fast back to their control room to activate the countdown timer. Forget this procedure. Remotely activate the countdown timer directly from your mobile phone. Go on settings-> Connections and enable […]

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Scheduled Events

Houdini MC supports 2 different types of  “Scheduled Events”: Timed-Events and “Incoming Events from Smart Mechanisms” Click on ” Scheduled Events” menu and then select “Add Event”. To add a Timed-Event, simply select the “Timed-Event” option from the event type menu. Next select the time you want the event to be executed. Houdini MC provides the ability to […]

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How to connect the TV

This tutorial briefly describes how Houdini MC can connect the Game Master Room with the In-Room Monitor. Please note that all the following solutions support more than one in-room screens. HDMI Connection: Server: A Windows computer In-room Screen: TV monitor with HDMI input. HDMI Cable Benefits: Transmit Screen, Soundtrack and Voice through one cable, Connect [...] Continue Reading »