Houdini allows you to send are receive interactions to micro controllers using GET or POST requests

For example. Assume a raspberry Pi (or an Arduino) based mechanism or puzzle. This device can interact with Houdini.

To start with, execute Houdini MC and go to “Settings->Connections” tab. Enable the “Incoming HTTP Requests” and note down the given URL. Please make sure that your router always assign Houdini’s PC the same IPv4 address. From this moment, Houdini  is ready to receive basic incoming requests. Close the settings menu.

You will notice a green bulb icon on the top of the console. This icon indicates that Houdini is ready to accept incoming requests. To test the ability of the software, use your tablet/mobile device and point a browser tab at the noted URL. In my case, the URL for “Clue Button” is while the URL for “Panic Button” is . Please make sure that both, Houdini MC and your mobile device are connected on the same local network. After sending the request, you will notice that the color of the bulb icon changes, based on the type of the request.

To receive instruction from the controller, go on “Scheduled Events” and select “Add Event”

Select “Incoming Event from Smart Mechanism”

Use a “Custom_Term” and write down the entire URL (e.g.

Select action (e.g. play a sound, trigger another device, play video, control HUE scenes, etc.)

Press “Save Event”.

To connect an arduino please follow this tutorial

To connect a Raspberry please follow this tutorial

Similarly, you can use schedules events OR Automation Menu OR shortcuts menu so as to send GET and POST requests to a micro controller.

Go on Automations menu
1. Create a new HTTP request
2.Name the request (in the depicted case is “End_The_Game”)
3. Select GET and write the URL
4. Press save changes

These requests are accessible through schedules events OR Automation Menu OR shortcuts menu.

Moreover, you can use schedules events OR Automation Menu OR shortcuts menu so as to directly set HIGH or LOW a specific GPIO pin of a raspberry Pi.

HOUDINI MC uses the WIRED PI pins to control your PI. (***This is different from the BCM GPIO’S   !!!***)

You can direct control your GPIO from automations  switching HIGH=1 or LOW=0 to the desired GPIO. If you are using more then 1 PI be sure you connect to the correct PI !!